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Welcome to REBOOT! The club night at Level 3 where we played all the best Indie, Rock, Metal, Pop + Electronica music both old and new. We strove to play a wide range of music from the '60s right up to the present day with artists from Ash to Zeppelin and AC/DC to Yazoo. We also had occasional special nights where we focussed on specific genres or periods of music.

Sadly, REBOOT is no longer. The reborn Level 3 that re-opened in April 2014 turned out to be ran by people who proved to have zero interest in promoting it as a nightclub and were happy to cater only for live music. Fair enough, a sign of the times. We wish them the best with the venue. Huge thanks to all the people who came and supported us, especially the ones who came during our final few months where we survived purely through word of mouth. You can still check out our setlists of what we played at every single night between 2010 and 2015.

DJ Dust's blog about the closure of REBOOT

REBOOT poster REBOOT Indie / New Wave speccial poster

REBOOT mix CDs still available and free to anyone who wants one!
Get in touch and we'll happily post one to you.
You can also listen now by clicking the pics below.

REBOOT volume 1 REBOOT volume 2